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A story of passion & exploration


As a little girl, I enjoyed making my own drinks from the herbs I found in the charming fields of a nature reserve close to Ghent. Growing older, my love for nature and interest in food technology has led me to finish my academic studies as a bio-science engineer in 2017.

On a mid-summer Friday night during an afterwork drink with friends, I was looking for a non-alcoholic alternative for my favourite cocktails. The bartender served me a drink much too sweet for my liking. From that moment I started experimenting with herbs and botanicals to create NONA June.
I didn't stop experimenting, meanwhile I also developed NONA Spritz and NONA Ginger.


I sought feedback from several top chefs and sommeliers to perfect the recipe of NONA June, NONA Spritz & NONA Ginger.
NONA June combines nine herbs in a balanced flavour profile with fresh citrus flavours followed by a spicy touch. NONA Spritz is a sophisticated blend of 27 herbs with fresh citrus notes and a slightly bitter finish. NONA Ginger combines 12 herbs in a balanced palette of flavours with fresh citrus flavours and a spicy finish.

These three spirits are the result of a complex distillation process.
First customers: The Jane, Sel Gris, OAK, Boury. 


Our premium non-alcoholic spirits are created on the basis of a labor-intensive and innovative steam distillation process. With no alcohol and barely any sugar present as a flavour enhancer, it is less easy to find the perfect balance between different flavours. Tha's why NONA June, NONA Spritz & NONA Ginger combine as many as 9, 27 & 12 herbs respectively in one spirit.

Did you know that NONA is the Latin word for 'nine'? It refers to the nine herbs used to create NONA. 


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NONA June gets 9/10 - Het Nieuwsblad (Article)
NONA Recipe Booklet - Dutch
NONA Recipe Booklet - French (Belgium)
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NONA Recipe Booklet - French (France)
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NONA Logo (all formats)


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