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Meet Charlotte

I’m Charlotte, passionate about nature and product innovation. As a little girl, I enjoyed making my own drinks from the herbs I found in the charming fields of a nature reserve close to Ghent. Growing older, my love for nature and interest in food technology has led me to finish my academic studies as a bio-science engineer in 2017.

On a mid-summer Friday night during an afterwork drink with friends, I was looking for a non-alcoholic alternative for my favourite cocktails. The bartender served me a drink much too sweet for my liking. From that moment I started experimenting with herbs and botanicals to create NONA June.

“My living room soon became my laboratory. Suddenly the room was filled with test samples and labels… all for the purpose of creating the perfect recipe for a non-alcoholic gin.”

Guided by topchefs & sommeliers

I asked for feedback from several topchefs and sommeliers in order to perfect the recipe of NONA June & NONA Spritz.

Eventually, NONA June combines nine herbs into a balanced taste profile with fresh citrus flavours followed by a herbal touch. 3 years later, I created NONA Spritz. Both spirits are the result of a complex distillation process.

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distilled from nature

NONA June is created on the basis of a labor-intensive and innovative distillation process. The absence of alcohol makes it more difficult to truly capture a variety of different flavours and sensations. That is why NONA June was eventually created by distilling no less than nine herbs into one drink. That is where the name NONA comes from, it refers to the Latin word for 'nine'.

With its natural ingredients, exceptional combination of flavours and low calorie recipe, NONA June presents the perfect high-quality drink for any mocktail enthusiast out there. Discover the main ingredients of NONA June below...

savoury juniper berry

The juniper berry is one of the first botanicals you smell when opening a bottle of NONA June. It serves as the main ingredient of NONA June as well as a classic gin.

fresh citrus

Lemon and lemongrass contribute to the fresh citrus flavours of NONA June

sweet basil

The herbal touch of NONA June comes from the sweet basil included in our recipe. A leaf of basil is also used as a garnish for a NONA June & tonic.

black pepper

NONA June is spiced up with a touch of black pepper.

easy to mix & serve

easy to mix & serve