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NONA June 20cl
NONA June 20cl

NONA June 20cl

NONA June is the first belgian premium non-alcoholic spirit which reminds of gin. It's a refreshing and balanced blend of 9 botanicals based on juniper berries and fresh citrus fruits, with a herbal touch of basil.

Did you know?
'NONA' - nine in Latin - refers to the 9 herbs in NONA June? 'June' stands for juniper - English for juniper - the main ingredient in gin.

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    Mix 5cl NONA June with 10cl Indian Tonic. Garnish with orange zest and a basil leaf. Cheers! Or use it in a variety of non-alcoholic cocktails: Serving suggestions

    • Vegan
    • Gluten free
    • Allergen free
    • Pregnancy suitable
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    Serve NONA June & Tonic

    • 5cl NONA June
    • 10cl Indian tonic
    • Cubed Ice - Basil - Orange Peel

    Combine all ingredients in a glass filled with cubed ice. Add NONA June, followed by Indian tonic, stir gently.

    Garnish with basil and orange peel.

    Cheers, Charlotte

    Award-winning spirit

    Exquisite taste & aromas

    NONA, nine in Latin, refers to the nine individually distilled botanicals. 'June', refers to the juniper berry, also the main component of gin.

    Savoury  Juniper

    The smell of juniper is the first thing you experience after opening the bottle. It contributes to the refined palette of the spirit.

    zesty  citrus

    Lemon & lemongrass contribute to the fresh citrus flavours of NONA June.

    sweet  basil

    The herbal touch of NONA June comes from the sweet basil included in our recipe. A leaf of basil is also used as a garnish for a NONA June & Tonic.

    black pepper

    NONA June is spiced up with a touch of black pepper.

    first class flavour

    I asked for feedback from several topchefs and sommeliers in order to perfect the recipe of NONA June.

    Eventually, NONA June combines nine herbs into a balanced taste profile with fresh citrus flavours followed by a herbal touch.

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