• NONA Ginger & Coffee

    Ingredients 4 cL NONA Ginger4 cL Coldbrew Coffee1 cL Sugar syrupCubed ice Method Fill a shaker with all ingredients and strain in a glass. Cheers!
  • NONA Ginger & Pineapple

    Ingredients 6 cL NONA Ginger6 cL Pineapple juice2 cL Lime juice1,5 cL Sugar syrupMintCubed and crushed ice Method Fill a shaker* with NONA Ginger, ...
  • NONA Ginger & Pink Grapefruit

    Ingredients 4 cL NONA Ginger6 cL Pink grapefruit juice1,5 cL Honey1,5 cL Lemon juice1 Egg white (for layer of foam)2 Sprigs of thymeCubed ice Metho...
  • NONA Ginger & Tonic

    Ingredients 5 cL NONA Ginger10 cL Indian tonic1 LimeCubed ice Method Fill a glass with ice cubes. Add 5cL NONA Ginger and 10cL indian tonic. Finish...
  • NONA Spritz Apple-Cranberry

    Karolien from Karola's Kitchen created this heartwarming and cosy non-alcoholic cocktail.  Ingredients for the cranberry compote: 170 g fresh cranb...
  • NONA Spritz Gluhwein

    Ingredients for 1 NONA Spritz Glühwein: 10 cL NONA Spritz20 cL Glühwein Mix Ingredients Glühwein mix for 4-5 people: 1 L of apple juice (cloudy pre...
  • NONA Kokos Passievrucht

    Karolien van Karola's Kitchen creëerde deze verfrissende cocktail voor de zomerdagen. Ingrediënten voor 1 persoon: 1 sinaasappel 1 limoen 8 blo...
  • NONA Spritz & Soda

    Ingredients 5 cL NONA Spritz⁠10 cL Soda waterLemon sliceIce cubes Method Fill a glass with ice cubes. Add 5cL NONA Spritz and 10cL soda water. Fi...
  • NONA Passion Spritz

    Ingredients for 2 people: 10 cL NONA Spritz⁠10 cL Passion fruit Juice20 cL bitter lemon⁠20 cL sparkling water⁠1 Passion fruitFresh Mint1 Lime Met...
  • NONA Winter Spritz

    Karolien of Karola's Kitchen created this cocktail for the holidays. Ingredients for 2 people: 200 ml cranberry juice7 cloves2 cinnamon sticks5 sl...
  • NONA Spritz Cooler


    5cl NONA Spritz
    2cl grapefruit juice
    1cl lime juice
  • NONA Spritz & Sour


    6cl NONA Spritz
    3cl lemon juice
    2cl sugar syrup