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8/10 for NONA Ginger

We're so happy with the first month of our new non-alcoholic cocktail experience & with all the positive feedback about the taste profile.
Receiving 8/10 during a blind tasting from @Nieuwsblad is a great achievement! 

Our founder Charlotte loves ginger, but couldn't find an easy to mix, balanced non-alcoholic drink with ginger as a main ingredient. So she decided to start experimenting last year and combined 12 herbs & spices for the creation of NONA Ginger.⁠

First you'll taste the citrus notes, coming from yuzu, verbena, mandarin, lime & lemon ending in spicy notes coming from organic ginger.⁠

NONA Ginger is with it's 8% sugar, 3 times less sugar than the current ginger concentrates on the market. Mix with tonic or soda water & you'll have one of the most healthy drinks without compromises.⁠

Want to taste it yourself? Make sure to order your bottle! Free shipping during the month of July in Belgium.

Cheers to summer without compromising! 

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Enjoy your non-alcoholic cocktail

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