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New to the NONA Family: NONA Ginger

After a focus of 5 years on NONA June & NONA Spritz, I am excited and grateful to share our new cocktail experience without compromising to the world today: Meet NONA Ginger.

During the last year, I focused on the creation of the first non-alcoholic spirit based on Ginger and consulted renowned bartenders & sommeliers so we can finally enjoy non-alcoholic Moscow mule cocktails without compromises.⁠
I wanted to create a new high-quality drink experience, so people have more non-alcoholic options for the cocktails that they love.

Taste profile?⁠
Notes of organic ginger, yuzu & verbena, kurkuma, citrus & mandarin. A mix of 12 distilled botanicals, with a spicy touch!

How to serve NONA Ginger?
Fill up your glass with ice, add 5cl of NONA Ginger, mix with 10cl Indian tonic, garnish with a lime wedge & you're ready to enjoy our Perfect Serve: NONA Ginger & Tonic⁠ 🍸⁠⁠ You can also mix it with fresh juices like orange juice, pineapple juice ... Or discover the recipes for other delicious non-alcoholic cocktails with NONA Ginger.

Where to buy NONA Ginger?
⁠Now available online & in concept stores, drink stores.⁠ ⁠

100% nature - 100% taste - 0% alcohol. ⁠⁠

Cheers to a new way of drinking!

NONA GINGER non-alcoholic spirit non-alcoholic cocktail ginger yuzu verbena

Enjoy your non-alcoholic cocktail

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