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NONA June receives 9/10 in blind tasting

We're starting Tournée Minérale with a great surprise. NONA June, our non-alcoholic alternative for gin, received 9/10 in a blind tasting. Sommelier Deborah Hellburg from the Michelin starred restaurant Sensum in Belgium tested 12 non-alcoholic gins and crowned NONA June as the winner. We couldn't be more proud. 

Non-alcoholic gin alternative

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The story of NONA June

"On a mid-summer Friday night during an afterwork drink with friends, I was looking for a non-alcoholic alternative for my favourite cocktails: Gin&Tonic. The bartender served me a drink much too sweet for my liking. From that moment I started experimenting with herbs and botanicals to create NONA June." ~ Charlotte, founder & creator of NONA.


NONA June is the first Belgian non-alcoholic spirits which reminds of gin. It's A refreshingly balanced blend of 9 distilled herbs. Based on juniper berries and citrus fruits, among others, with a spicy touch of basil and black pepper.

Mix 5cl NONA June with 10cl tonic. Finish with orange zest and a basil leaf.

Did you know?
'NONA' - nine in Latin - refers to the 9 herbs in NONA June? 'June' stands for juniper - English for juniper - the main ingredient in gin.


non-alcoholic alternative to gin

Enjoy your non-alcoholic cocktail

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