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Get inspired by Served by Soberon

Matthias Soberon (better known as @servedbysoberon) is a cocktail and spirits mastermind. He creates new cocktails every day on his popular Instagram page and blog. He devises and photographs cocktails that are unique in taste and are extremely pleasing to the eye. Matthias was nominated for the Belgian Food Blog Awards in the Drinks category and has reviewed, advised and created countless cocktails and bars.

In December, only a couple of months after launch, Matthias posted that NONA June was the most flavoursome non-alcoholic spirit he had tasted, a compliment that blew me away. He is a local from Ghent (where NONA Drinks was founded), so we decided to get together and get our creative juices flowing...

I was delighted to be invited to the Soberon Bar and couldn't wait to see what Matthias had prepared for us. The cocktail you are seeing above was created to raise awareness around responsible drinking. He combined NONA June, lime juice, Simple and tonic to create a drink that is beautifully simple to make, but is complex in taste. Find the recipe by clicking on the photo. And oh yeah, give him a follow while you're at it.

The next drink is perfect for summer and will remind you of the last time you were at the beach. NONA Piña was inspired by, you guessed it, the Piña Colada cocktail. 

50ml NONA June
15ml Lime Juice
15ml Pineapple Syrup

Pour the three first ingredients together in a glass full of ice. Stir to combine. Top up with your favourite soda water and stir again. Be very gentle, as to not stir out the fizziness. Garnish with a lime wedge.

I hope you can get inspired by these simple recipes. Need more inspiration? Follow our Instagram account. Want to share your own creations with us? Tag us and use #shareyournonamoment.







Enjoy your non-alcoholic cocktail

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